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Explore top-tier IGCSE and IB Math tutoring with Mr. Kondal Reddy in Singapore. Discover a range of courses and personalized teaching approaches designed for success.
Meet Mr. Kondal Reddy: A Premier IGCSE & IB Mathematics Tutor

In the world of international education, few names are as distinguished as Mr. Kondal Reddy when it comes to mathematics tutoring. With a robust background of over two decades in teaching, Mr. Reddy has evolved from a seasoned classroom educator to a dedicated full-time online tutor, catering to students across the globe.

Academic Background and Experience

Mr. Reddy holds a Master of Science in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Education, equipping him with the expertise and pedagogical skills required to excel in educational endeavors. His career spans 21 years, during which he has served in various capacities such as a Mathematics Teacher, Coordinator, Examiner, Facilitator, Head of Mathematics Department, and Mentor in numerous international schools.

Transition to Online Tutoring

Recognizing the shifting paradigms in education, Mr. Reddy has transitioned to exclusively online tutoring, enabling him to teach ‘as per the World Clock’, a necessity given his international clientele. This shift allows him to focus entirely on his students’ needs without the constraints of a traditional school schedule.

Educational Services Offered

Mr. Reddy offers a comprehensive range of mathematics courses tailored to various international curricula including:

  • O-Levels, A/AS Levels Math
  • USA-Based Math, UK Curriculum

These courses are designed for students who are looking for high-quality, rigorous math education that prepares them for higher educational challenges and varied academic demands across the globe.

A Commitment to Quality and Understanding

What sets Mr. Reddy apart is his unwavering commitment to making mathematics understandable and accessible. He approaches teaching with patience and dedication, striving to ensure that every concept is comprehensively understood by his students, which is especially crucial in subjects as challenging as mathematics.

Recognition and Awards

Mr. Reddy’s excellence in teaching has not gone unnoticed. He is an award-winning tutor recognized for his contributions to the field of international education, particularly in IGCSE and IB Mathematics. His professional approach and international experience make him a preferred choice for parents and students who are internationally minded and seeking top-tier educational support.

Global Reach

Currently, Mr. Reddy provides tutoring services to students in various countries including the USA, UK, UAE, India, and Australia, among others. His ability to adapt to different educational systems and requirements makes him a versatile and highly sought-after educator in the field of mathematics.


For parents and students navigating the complex terrain of international education, Mr. Kondal Reddy offers not just expertise in mathematics but a reliable and enriching educational partnership. His dedication to his students’ success and his ability to cater to an international audience make him an outstanding choice for anyone seeking to excel in mathematics.

For more information or to enroll in his courses, please visit his dedicated websites or contact him directly to begin a transformative educational journey in mathematics.

As an award-winning online Cambridge IGCSE and IB Mathematics teacher with over 21 years of experience, Mr. Kondal Reddy offers a diverse range of math courses through his comprehensive online tutoring service. Here is an overview of his offerings:

Services and Rates

Mr. Reddy provides online tutoring for various mathematics courses suited to different educational systems, ensuring broad coverage from basic to advanced levels:

  • Pre-Algebra to Calculus: Ranging from S$30 to S$37 per session, these courses cater to foundational and advanced mathematical skills.
  • SAT Math and Geometry: Specialized sessions priced at S$39 and S$35 respectively, focusing on test preparation and essential geometrical concepts.
  • Grade-specific Math Tutoring: For younger students in grades 3-6, sessions are available at S$30 per hour. For grades 6-10 and 11-12, the rates are S$35 and S$37 respectively, ensuring detailed attention to the curricular requirements of each grade.
  • Cambridge IGCSE & IB Mathematics: Dedicated sessions for IGCSE and IB curricula, including AS/A Levels and MYP, with fees ranging from S$36 to S$40 per session.

Teaching Approach

Mr. Reddy is committed to a student-centered approach, focusing on understanding concepts and basics patiently. His method is tailored to foster deep understanding, preparing students not only for exams but for long-term academic and professional success.

Online Platform and Accessibility

Utilizing his websites (Serendipity Education, IGCSE IB Math Tutor, and Zoqlo), Mr. Reddy offers a flexible scheduling system that accommodates students across different time zones, adhering to the ‘World Clock.’ This global approach ensures that international students can easily fit their sessions into their personal schedules.


With competitive rates starting at S$34 per session on average, Mr. Reddy’s tutoring service stands out not only for its comprehensive educational offerings but also for its commitment to quality and student success. His dedication as an educator is evident in every aspect of his tutoring service, making him a top choice for parents and students looking for reliable and effective mathematics tutoring

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