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Top-Notch IB and IGCSE Maths Tutoring in Toronto, Canada by Mr. Kondal Reddy

In the heart of Toronto, Canada, Mr. Kondal Reddy is redefining mathematics education with his expert online tutoring services for IGCSE and IB students. With a Master of Science in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Education, coupled with over two decades of experience, Mr. Reddy brings a wealth of knowledge and proven teaching strategies to his students globally.

Experience and Credentials

Mr. Reddy’s career is highlighted by prestigious accolades as an award-winning Cambridge IGCSE and IB Mathematics teacher. His extensive experience spans roles such as a Maths Teacher, Coordinator, Examiner, Facilitator, and Head of Department at various international schools. Now focusing solely on online tutoring, Mr. Reddy adapts to the global education needs by teaching across multiple time zones, making him a perfect fit for international-minded families.

Personalized Online Learning

Through his dedicated websites—Serendipity Education, IGCSE IB Math Tutor, and Zoqlo—Mr. Reddy offers a range of courses that cover key curricula including O-Levels, A/AS Levels, AQA, IB, IGCSE, Edexcel, GCSE, and GCE. His commitment to each student’s success is evident in his tailored approach, ensuring a thorough understanding of mathematical concepts and effective problem-solving techniques.

Diverse Curriculum Offerings and Competitive Rates

Mr. Reddy provides tutoring for a wide array of subjects, ensuring students from grades 3 to 12 and beyond have access to high-quality math education:

  • Elementary to High School Math: Sessions for grades 3-6 and 6-10 are priced at $20 USD and $25 USD per hour, respectively.
  • Specialized Subjects: Advanced courses such as Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Calculus, and SAT Math are available, with rates ranging from $22 to $29 USD per hour.
  • IB and IGCSE Focused Prep: Expert tutoring in IB MYP Mathematics and IBDP AA | AI HL | SL Mathematics is offered at $25 USD and $30 USD per hour, respectively.

A Global Classroom

Mr. Reddy’s online platform is more than just a tutoring service; it’s a gateway to mastering mathematics for students around the world. His professional, patient, and personalized teaching methods are designed to foster deep understanding, enabling students to achieve outstanding results in their exams and develop a lifelong appreciation for math.

For detailed information on his tutoring services or to schedule a session, interested families can directly message Mr. Reddy on WhatsApp at +919000009307.


For students in Toronto and globally, Mr. Kondal Reddy represents the pinnacle of mathematics tutoring. His structured lessons, combined with his international experience, make him an invaluable resource for any student aiming to excel in mathematics. Whether it’s preparing for an exam or enhancing general math skills, Mr. Reddy’s teaching empowers students to reach their highest potential.


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