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Master Mathematics with Mr. Kondal Reddy: Premier IB and IGCSE Tutoring in Calgary and Montreal

For parents and students in Calgary and Montreal seeking top-tier mathematics tutoring, Mr. Kondal Reddy offers an unmatched educational experience. With an impressive 21-year tenure as an online IB and IGCSE Math tutor, Mr. Reddy brings a wealth of knowledge and an award-winning teaching style directly to your digital doorstep.

Experience and Expertise

Mr. Kondal Reddy, holding an MSc in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Education, has spent over two decades honing his skills in international education environments. His background as an IGCSE & IB Maths Teacher, Coordinator, Examiner, and Head of Department equips him with the unique ability to cater to a global audience, making him a perfect match for internationally minded families.

Comprehensive Online Learning

Operating on a flexible schedule that spans time zones, Mr. Reddy dedicates himself to full-time online tutoring, allowing him to focus entirely on his students’ educational needs. His commitment to making concepts clear and understandable is evident through his patient and professional teaching approach.

Services Offered

Mr. Reddy’s online platform offers a wide range of courses tailored to diverse academic standards, including:

  • O-Levels
  • A / AS Levels Math
  • Edexcel Math, GCSE, GCE

Affordable Tuition Rates

Understanding the need for affordable yet high-quality education, Mr. Reddy has structured his tuition rates to accommodate various budgets while maintaining excellence in educational delivery:

  • Pre-Algebra to Algebra 2: $20 to $24 USD per hour
  • Calculus and 11th-12th Grade Math: $27 USD per hour
  • SAT Math and Geometry: $25 to $29 USD per hour
  • 3rd to 10th Grade Math: $20 to $25 USD per hour
  • IB MYP Mathematics: $25 USD per session
  • IBDP AA/AI HL/SL Mathematics: $30 USD per session

These rates ensure that every student has the opportunity to benefit from high-level math instruction.

Online Presence and Contact

For more information, potential students and parents can explore Mr. Reddy’s dedicated educational websites:

  1. Serendipity Education
  2. IGCSE IB Math Tutor
  3. Zoqlo

Additionally, direct communication is encouraged via WhatsApp for personalized queries and enrollment details.


Mr. Kondal Reddy’s tutoring services in Calgary and Montreal not only promise high academic achievement in mathematics but also instill a deep understanding and appreciation of the subject. Whether tackling IB, IGCSE, or any other curriculum, students under Mr. Reddy’s guidance are set on a path to success. Join him to transform your mathematical challenges into achievements.

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